The versatile musician Elske te Lindert (1980, soprano) started her musical career as an organist. She studied organ with Gijs van Schoonhoven and Cor Ardesch. As an organist, she mainly immerses herself in Bach's music. Especially with this music in mind, she is still occasionally coached by Cor Ardesch. As a soloist or accompanist she can be heard regularly at home and abroad. She made several recordings for the Netherlands Bach Society, for their website In 2021 her first organ CD with organ works by Bach was released, played on the Flentrop organ in the Catharinakerk in Doetinchem.

The study and work in the organ world gives her a lot of extra baggage, but also ensured that she was missing something in her work. Elske loves the contact with her audience and that is something that is difficult to make if you are invisible as an organist during the concerts. Gradually, the preference for singing grew. From an early age she sang solo and in choirs in all kinds of places. She decided to undertake singing studies in addition to her work as an organist. She studied singing with Maarten Koningsberger. And soon her field of work as a singer broadened.

As a singer she now has an extensive concert practice, which includes song, oratorio and opera. She took masterclasses with Margreet Honig and Paul Triepels, among others, and currently has occasional lessons with Johannette Zomer. She has already performed as a soloist with several major orchestras, including the Orkest van het Oosten, the Sint Petersburg Chamber Orchestra and the South Netherlands Philharmonic. As a soprano she is part of the ensemble Il Canto di Rame. ( She also regularly works for the Nederlandse Reisopera and Consensus Vocalis. With Il Canto di Rame she made a CD with all new Dutch music, specially composed or adapted for the ensemble.

In the meantime, Elske has found out that she likes to remain a versatile musician. This means that she still works as a soprano and organist. She has also been a conductor since she was 19. This is an aspect of her work that she has always continued to do. Elske likes to bring out the talents of others, in addition to being active herself. Moreover, organization is one of her strengths. Choral conducting plays an increasingly important role in her work. In 2022 she will graduate from the conservatory of Maastricht, where she is doing a master's degree in choral conducting with Ludo Claesen.

Elske is cantor-organist at the Catharina Church in Doetinchem. She is also conductor of the Deventer Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Choir Decamerone (Utrecht) and has been musically responsible for the study days for Liturgy and Church Music in Hoeven for seventeen years, where she has also been in overall charge since 2012.